Power Your Productswith the Baron Weather API

Delivered to your apps, websites and connected services from the Baron cloud, our versatile weather API provides instant access to exclusive weather data. Enhance your products. Differentiate your brand. Increase profits. No matter the project, no matter the scale, critical weather intelligence from Baron is the key.

From the Baron cloud to your apps, websites and connected services. Easy to work with and incredibly versatile, our weather API delivers instant access to local and global weather data.

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Easy Integration

RESTful architecture. Extensive documentation. Support for common formats like JSON, TMS and XML. Code examples. Put simply, we help you get more done, at a faster pace.

Scalable and Reliable

As your customers increase, our network scales to handle the load 24/7. That means rock-solid performance no matter the demand.

Exclusive Data

The Baron Weather API features data you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the industry’s best data, seamlessly integrated into your products and services any wayyou see fit.

How the Baron Weather API can help you.

Current Data

Asset Protection

Using the Baron Weather API, you can identify the threat, anticipate the impact and plan accordingly.

Business Continuity

Weather has a permanent role in shaping your profits. With the Baron Weather API, protect what’s yours.

Customer Engagement

Provide daily essentials, and differentiate your products and services with exclusive weather data from Baron.

Forecast Data

Fleet Logistics

Use the Baron Weather API to plan shipping routes more efficiently, generate custom driver alerts and ensure driver safety.

Flight Tracking and Planning

Real-time aviation weather awareness is crucial to pilot safety.

Historical Data

Claims Validation

Evaluate policyholder claims with greater precision, using exclusive data for hail, winds, flooding and more.

Risk Modeling

For insurers, historical weather trends are key to future revenue growth.

Weather Analytics

Insight is revenue. You can use the Baron Weather API to generate custom weather analytics, highlighting risks and evaluating trends.

Historical Weather Data

Learn from past weather trends to evaluate future risks. Our historical weather data helps you ensure profitably and business continuity using exclusive archived products.

Over 200 products and 3000 data parametersat your command.From everyday essentials to specialexclusives, you can bring a new level of weatherto your products and services.

SDKs and Plug-ins

Streamlined integration of weather alerts, maps, data and more in the platform of your choice. Notify and inform your customers on every device.


Global Weather Data

Global data provides easy and efficient integration. Make flying safer. Deploy to more customers with less development. Extend your reach worldwide.

The number of years that criticalweather intelligence from Baron has helpedmake our customers more successful.

Road Weather Data

We provide a better look at the journey ahead. Road conditions and travel threats show your customers what to expect, whether you’re an OEM, fleet tracking company or insurer.


Tracking Assets

With Baron weather data, US Fleet Tracking helps thousands of customers save time and money by ensuring swift and safe arrival of cargo.

Flight Monitoring

A global flight tracking service, Flightradar24 uses Baron weather overlays to provide customers with worldwide situational awareness through their website and apps.

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