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Your new account gives you a free 6-month trial to 4 data products. Get started with R&D nowto determine your path going forward. We’ll be in touch within the next business dayto identify a custom solution for your needs, and to unlock full access to the documentation.

4 Great Products Included:

Standard Radar (15-minute updates)

The best radar data on the market— global, national and local.

Current Conditions (METARs)

Live weather from remote sensors, usuallylocated near airports.

7-Day U.S. Forecasts (Basic)

7-day forecasts for temperature, precipitation,sky conditions and more.

Baron Global Model(Temperature Near Surface)

Worldwide temperature forecast maps forthe next 10 days.

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If you’d rather speak with a Baron representative about the possibilities of the Baron Weather API, get in touch.We’ll respond within the next business day, and can talk more about what you’d like to build.

Explore Our Weather API

Radar Imagery

The best radar data on the market—global, national and local.

Road Weather

Unique road conditions data you can’t get anywhere else.

Aviation Weather

Pre-flight essentials that help pilots with critical decision-making.

Severe Weather Data

From tornadoes to hail and flooding, you can identify the threat and plan effectively.

Satellite Imagery

Give your customers a view of cloud cover around the world.

Marine Weather Data

A robust dataset of current and forecast marine weather conditions.

Watches and Warnings

All the National Weather Service advisories you need to elevate your products.

Tropical Weather Data

No tropical event will go unmonitored by your systems and services.

Astronomy Products

Delivered as surely as the sun will set and the moon will rise.


Lightning, earthquakes and other sensor reports. It’s all here.

Climate Data

Evaluate both immediate and longer-term impacts on the environment.

Everyday Data

Temperature, surface analysis and more. Essential weather for everyday use.

Flooding Data

How much rain? How fast? You don’t have to be a meteorologist to pinpoint the threat.

Forecast Models

A mix of standard and proprietary forecast models for a variety of applications.

Plus More

We offer a well-rounded mix of data for every application.

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